De Karpendonkse Hoeve verzorgt verrassende gerechten van hoge kwaliteit voor thuis of voor op een andere locatie. Je bestelling kan worden bezorgd, maar je kunt ook kiezen voor afhalen.

Alle culinaire creaties worden in onze moderne keuken met de meest verse ingrediënten samengesteld en bereid. Je hoeft zelf alleen maar een paar eenvoudige stappen uit te voeren en je zet in een handomdraai een heerlijk meergangen menu op tafel! Het is eigenlijk “fine dining” in je eigen vertrouwde omgeving. Aanpassingen om een eigen speciale draai aan de gerechten te geven zijn altijd mogelijk. Onze “gasten” zijn zeer tevreden over de persoonlijke benadering, kwaliteit, uitleg en verpakking. We denken graag met je mee.

Natuurlijk kun je ons ook inschakelen voor bijzondere gelegenheden, BBQ’s, feestjes of andere culinaire activiteiten. Voor meer info of voor overleg kun je altijd even bellen op 040 281 36 63.

Dezelfde dag ophalen of bezorgen is normaliter mogelijk voor elke bestelling die voor 14.00 uur is geplaatst. Wij koken elke dag van de week behalve maandag en dinsdag. Heb je vragen of speciale wensen? Neem gerust contact met ons op.

Ingrid van Eeghem




Je maakt een keuze uit onze selectie menu’s en gerechten en geeft die aan ons door. Omdat we elke dag vers koken kun je ons eventuele speciale wensen gerust laten weten. Uiteraard hebben wij ook begeleidende wijnen om de avond helemaal compleet te maken.


We'll make sure your order will be ready for pick up or delivered to your doorstep from Wednesdays to Sundays. Orders in by 14.00 hrs are ready for same day pick up or delivery.


You can consume the dishes "as is". You just have to follow some straightforward instructions to ensure that you have an authentic dinner experience within just a few minutes. But feel free to customize the experience and add a personal touch, after all this is your restaurant!


Fine dining at home, sharing with your loved ones, family and friends. Being together to create some memorable experiences.


Wherever possible we use recyclable and biodegradable packaging for our products. We work hard to reduce our use of plastic and are striving to reduce our environmental impact.






Halloween is just around the corner and this is the perfect time to enjoy a frightfully fun night with family or friends. De Karpendonkse Hoeve has prepared a 3 course menu with beautiful fall ingredients to upgrade your scary weekend. Our menu can be delivered to your doorstep on 29, 30 and 31 October. Call Ingrid to reserve your Halloween menu on 040-281 36 33.


Miso glazed halibut (24 hrs) | grilled spring onion | marinated ginger | miso jam | yakiniku sauce

Deer fillet | deer stew | porcini mushrooms | roasted fall veggies | rosemary potatoes | porcini jus

Spooky pumpkin pie | pecan-cranberry-hazelnut crumble | caramel-toffee

Karpendonksehoeve@HOME Halloween menu € 39,50 pp  (including brioche | artisan bread | mushroom butter


Miso-glazed aubergine | gegrilde lente-ui | shizo | gemarineerde gember | miso jam | yakiniku saus

Filled artichoke | forest funghi | veggie stew | roasted fall veggies | rosemary potatoes | porcini jus

Spooky pumpkin pie | pecan-cranberry-hazelnut crumble | caramel-toffee

Karpendonksehoeve@HOME Halloween menu € 39,50 pp  (including brioche | artisan bread | mushroom butter


From the vast number of events she has previously hosted in her restaurant, the experiences Ingrid van Eeghem has gained are of course incorporated in the way that she runs karpendonksehoeve@home.

Tot haar specialiteiten behoren onder meer private dinners, BBQ’s, (bedrijfs) bijeenkomsten, grotere gezelschappen en bijzondere wandel-lunches.

De mogelijkheden zijn nagenoeg onbeperkt en zij denkt graag met je mee om van jouw “event” iets heel speciaals te maken.

If you have any extra ideas, would like more information, or would like to contact Ingrid directly don't hesitate. Ingrid is available by email at or by phone at 040-2813663. of bel 040 281 36 63.


For decades, De Karpendonkse Hoeve was a highly acclaimed restaurant; a place in Eindhoven famous for its top quality cuisine, personalised service and welcoming ambiance. Under the leadership of Ingrid van Eeghem - the owner of the popular dining place and receiver of several best hospitality awards - the restaurant earned Michelin stars for 18 consecutive years with various chefs and kitchen compositions

Over the course of the turbulent Covid-19 pandemic, unprecedented changes were required. Because of lockdowns and novel government regulations, the restaurant had to close. Similarly to other owners, Ingrid started side projects, with opening a takeout and home delivery dining service being the most obvious choice.

The next question was what the future would hold?

Upon asking other restaurant owners, responses were varied but all focused on staying afloat until the physical reopening of restaurants. Ingrid on the other hand had a completely different vision; an idea that kept up with the rapidly changing world.

As De Karpendonkse Hoeve evolved into an in-home dining experience service, to Ingrid’s joy the focus shifted from the practicalities of running a corporation back to the heart of cooking: palatable flavour combinations, the menu and fresh ingredients… The things that really matter.

The now fully online KH@HOME offers a range of menus and dishes, prepared by reputed chefs and delivered straight to your doorstep. In an increasingly busy world, Ingrid recognizes that good food and drink is pivotal in bringing families and friends together. She hopes to continue to create memorable and meaningful experiences for her wonderful guests, now in a completely new way.



Castendijkweg 5 (pick up location)

5657 ER, Eindhoven

Phone: +31 (0)40 – 281 36 63